It can be a difficult task in choosing what music the bride should enter to. The right piece of music can evoke a special mood and act as the perfect beginning to a ceremony. Here are some useful tips in picking the right music for your special day.

One of the first things to consider is that the entrance of the bride doesn’t usually last a long time, so if you pick a 3 minute song, you may only hear the first minute or so. Therefore, if you do have a piece of music you would really like to hear the full length of, then it is advisable to use if for the signing of the register.

In terms of the various styles of music to choose from, there really are many options. You could pick something that is special to you, whether it is a piece of classical music like Pachelbel’s Canon, or a pop song that could signify the first time you and your partner met. However, you could simply pick some music that you feel is suitable for the occasion, or ask friends or family members for their advice.

Another important point to think about is what instrument(s) you would like to hear your music performed on. Your favourite jazz standard might sound a bit odd with a string quartet, or a heavy rock classic might struggle to work on the piano. This happens more often than you may think and although most people will probably not notice the unusual choice of instrumentation for a certain song, it is advisable to seek the advice of the musician(s) you decide to employ for the ceremony, to make sure everything is as perfect as it should be.

String quartets are sometimes used for the wedding ceremony, playing mainly classical repertoire with the occasional pop song. However, a cheaper and more flexible option could be to hire a pianist for your wedding entrance music. A pianist will usually have a wider repertoire than a string quartet and you will find most styles of music can easily work on the piano. Another advantage of a pianist is that he or she can be used for the reception as well as the ceremony, and depending upon their skill level, they should be able to play many different styles of music, to cater for all tastes.

Martyn Croston is a  pianist available to perform quality music at any wedding or party in London and the home counties. For further infomation click here to visit his site, click here to follow him on Twitter or click here to find him on Facebook.

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Martyn would certainly be my pianist of choice. I was working as the wedding photographer here, but Martyn's variety of music and expertise shone through – making it an extra special occasion.

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