Sue and I went for a drive to the beach at Seaford today. We took our daughter’s dog ‘Watson’ with us. He’s quite a character for a tiny miniature Pinscher.

I took my camera (of course) and grabbed a few shots of fishermen sat along the beach. The guy below was one of 3 friends who had driven all the way from Southampton to try and catch some plaice. Unfortunately he went home empty handed today.

The weather was glorious and as we sat eating a sandwich, I noticed a couple sitting on the edge of the beach facing the sea, somewhat silhouetted against the bright sunlight. I cheekily approached and said “I know this sounds a bit dodgy, but do you mind if I take a few shots of you both sitting there – it’s a lovely scene?”

They laughed and were quite happy for me to go ahead. I just took a quick few shots, handed them my business card, so that they could access their images later if they wished and I then disappeared quickly – before wearing out my welcome.. Beautiful day – Summer is coming 🙂


A miniature Pinscher in the sun

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